STK Construction

Proudly Serving the Fargo & Red River Area

Finishing Basements

STK Construction can finish basements all year around. STK Construction can file permits, schedule electric and plumbing, finish drywall, paint, and install trim/finishes.


STK Construction has +15 years of experience working with homeowners and flippers to remodel or update kitchens, bathrooms, media rooms, offices, and more.

Exterior Remodels

The owner, Shawn Krebsbach, has years of experience in remodeling and construction. His team has built garages, shops, and other structures.

STK Construction, LLC

We are a proud North Dakota-based company dedicated to helping people remodel their residential property.

STK Construction is a licensed, insured, and bonded company with an experienced contractor.

STK Construction dedicates time to creating a clean and organized workspace when in your home.

Shawn Krebsbach - Owner

With Over 15 years of experience and a North Dakota-raised owner, Shawn Krebsbach, is an experienced project manager and craftsman. Shawns' passion and experience were passed down from when he worked for his father near Minot, ND.

Shawn has overseen a diverse amount of both large-scale builds and small remodels. As the owner, he makes sure to oversee every project and everything meets the customers' satisfaction and high standard.

Shawn has a widespread background of experience and has come to be a useful handyman for your home.

STK Guarantee

STK Construction and staff guarantee a high quality of work and proper installation to current construction standards. We will repair or replace products outside of that expected standard at our expense.

"Shawn is great at what he does. He works hard, and is as trustworthy as they come."

Jake Joraanstad

"Great, detailed work. Kept the job area clean and organized. Highly Recommend!"

Ben Woessner